Thursday, August 24, 2017

My Narrative

Title: Cuddles the dreadful singer

- A Thinking and Saying for each character in each box
- About 3 ideas from description bubble for each character
Where, when, who, what
“I don’t want to live forever” screeched Cuddles as she was putting on one of her shows for her mum, Dusty, and dad, Midnight. Before I move on, the Panda family live in a little town named Silvercoast which is on the coast of China.

What is the problem?
There is something you should know about Cuddles, Cuddles is a really dreadful singer, her voice is so high pitched and screechy that when she sings, she sounds like a dying Cat. Dusty and Midnight know that she is horrible singer, but instead of saying that after a show, they stand up and clap.

Clauses and phrases of consequence
One day the famous Panda band, “Night Panda” came to town, Cuddles favourite band ever. “Mum Mum “Night Panda” are in Silver Coast” said a thrilled Cuddles, “I was wondering if we could go to there concert on Sunday night” “we'll see” said a sleepy Dusty “now go to bed it is 9 o’clock” “But I can’t” said Cuddles who was even more excited now. Finally she went to bed, she dreamed that she was at the “Night Panda” concert listening to there new album “Black or White”.  

Clauses and phrases of consequence
“It don’t matter if you're black or white”, once again Cuddles was putting on a show for her mum and dad. “Dinner time” yelled Dusty, “coming” replied Cuddles. At dinner Midnight and Dusty made an announcement. “We've got an announcement” spoken a excited Dusty “ we are going to the “Night Panda” concert on Sunday night”, “OMG, Oh my golly golly gosh” screamed a thrilled Cuddles, “ Thank you”. So the following night they were listening to “Black or White” their new hit album, and now we are going to pick someone to come up and sing our last song with us. The lead singer put her paw into the box and pulled it back out, Cuddles had her fingers crossed nervously, she opened the paper up and read out the name “ is there a “Cuddles” here, can Cuddles please come up”.

Clauses and phrases of consequence
Cuddles excitedly ran up to the stage, “hello everyone, I am so excited to be here, I am one of your biggest fans ever” “Do you want to sing our last song with us” “I don’t want to live forever?” “Yes please”!” said Cuddles nervously. “Ok 1 and a 2 and a 1 2 3. “I don’t want to live forever” screeched Cuddles, everyone stopped what they were doing. There was an awkward silence for 10 seconds then Poppy, the lead singer said something Cuddles will never forget, “It sounds like you need some lessons, I can give you some” Cuddles just stood there shocked for a moment “Yes please!!!!!!”.

Resolution: How does this end for each character?  
  • Thinking
  • Saying
  • Doing

Now every Monday and Friday Cuddles gets dropped off at Poppy’s house. They sing together and Poppy teaches Cuddles how to sing. Now when Cuddles puts shows on for her Mum and Dad instead of pretending to enjoy it they stand up and ask if she can sing some more. “Those lessons really paid off” said Midnight “You are the luckiest Panda in Silver Coast” agreed Dusty. “I really am” thought Cuddles to herself, but instead she asked “ when is their next concert”?  

For writing in room 8, we have been writing Narratives. This is mine.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

My Design

Today we had to draw this design then fill in the missing parts. Here is what I did 
Aug 16, 2017 9:24:12 AM.jpg My Lama

Aug 16, 2017 9:25:15 AM.jpg

My roller coaster 

Wednesday, August 9, 2017