Wednesday, May 31, 2017

In my own words week 4

💖Skein- A piece of string thread carefully     
💖‘Pain is truth’- When you lose someone who you really close to you.
💖Leprosy- A type of skin disease
💖Tongue of stone- A type of stone that is really smooth.

💖Mixie- What they call humans in their world

In the book halfmen of O, This is one of our activities. We have to explain these sentences in our own words.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

My poem about Moss

The Moss

I love to grow on the hard wooden trees, growing
upwards pleases me.
As lush as a evergreen I like to be, the colour never comes out of me
As tall as a acorn I like to be, that way I won’t be so seen
I love to grow like someone has painted me because everyone will see me

As comfy as a cushion I like to be, but maybe I am too wet to be

I love to absorb water through my rhizoids, so I stay nice and clean     

I love to have lots of seeds, so everyone can use me for their needs

WALT: Understand why we are writing- what's the purpose and to shape and craft our ideas with effect. We will choose the most effective poetic devices to help craft out poem. We will use sophisticated parts of speech, We will have a simile or Metaphor, We will have some form of repetition, We will use at least one enjambment.

Friday, May 19, 2017

In my own words

  1. More than a match- Means you think you are better than someone who you competing against.

  1. Down on his luck- means that a person has had bad luck

  1. Mortified- means that someone feels ashamed or embarrassed of themself.

  1. Suction dredge- Means that you clear a river bed other area of water by scooping out weeds and rubbish with a dredge.

  1. Carbide- a binary compound of carbon with an element of lower or comparable electronegativity.
This the term the year 7 and 8s have started reading a book called the halfmen of O. We had a list of activities to do.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Learning about shapes

Sneakers or jandals?

Sneakers or jandals?

In term 1, room 8 we were learning how to write a discussion about pros and cons.
We used a template to help us write out our ideas, then we took out the template. This is my discussion about pros and cons.

Sneakers and jandals are both great footwear to wear in summer. Both have good and bad aspects about these types of footwear. I will discuss the pro’s and cons of wearing either of these shoes.

Primarily jandals are great for wearing at the beach because they are loose and you can get all the sand out very easily. Furthermore jandals are good to wear when you are in a rush because you can slip them on and off very easily. All though Jandals are bad for running on concrete because you can easily stub your toe and they can flick dirt up your back. Finally jandals are bad to wear for day walks because they don’t have much grip to go up steep hills.

Primarily Sneakers are great for tramping and doing things outdoors because they are covered shoes and they secure your feet. They have great grip on the bottom which makes it easy for walking. Furthermore sneakers have padded soles, which makes it really comfy to wear if you go on a walk. However sneakers are bad to wear at the beach because they can’t get wet. If they get wet they can chaff and you get blisters. In addition sneakers are bad to wear when you are in a rush because they can be hard to get on and you have to tie the laces up.

Both jandals and sneakers are good for doing things in summer. Sneakers are great for doing things outdoors but they are not good for wearing at the beach. Jandals are great to wear at the beach, but are bad to wear for day walks. They both have good and bad aspects.