Wednesday, April 5, 2017

School camp at Punakaiki

Last week on Wednesday,Thursday and Friday we had our school camp. On wednesday morning my sister and I got picked up by Emily and Kurt and Alan and then we went to dobson to sort out our gear and load it into the horse float. Then we drove out to punakaiki, on the way we stopped at Barrytown school and had our lunch there and played a awesome game of capture the flag. Then we carried on to punakaiki and stopped at the punakaiki blowholes. We saw lots of Hector's Dolphins. After that we went to the campsite and unloaded all our gear and set up out tents. Once we did that we got into our groups. My group was tasman, I was a leader along with Liam and Elish. Tasman's first activities
was service, there we planted trees and learned about black petrels. Then we went back to camp and started dinner, we had nachos. The next morning Tasman went to do the bush walk. When we got back we went Stand up paddleboarding it was soo much fun because I had never done before. After that we went to the blowholes again and we saw the blowholes go off. Then we went and did beach art we made a shark out of driftwood. Then we went back to camp and had tea it was hamburgers then a little while after that we had pudding and supper. Then it was time to go to bed. In the morning Tasman had to get up early because we were going caving in charleston. For breakfast was pancakes and milo. The caving was sooo much fun. I was a leader for it we had to go through a little stream in the cave it was freezing. It was very cold in there. From there we to rapahoe and from there dobson. Overall

it was a great camp

and I would love to do it again.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Making Pizza for my bronze bar

In the weekend I made pizzas for lunch for one of the activities for my bronze bar. The task was cook a meal for your family this could be lunch, breakfast or dinner. I choose lunch.