Thursday, June 30, 2016

Simple Sentences

The cow fell into the canal.

Noun: Cow and Canal
Verb: Fell
Subject: The Cow

Predicate: Fell into the canal

This is my simple sentence.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Frog Whistle Mine Quiz

Monday, June 20, 2016

Robot building

In room 8 we have been building robots and learning about procedure writing.We have been building then writing as we go along. This is what are robot looks like.

Monday, June 13, 2016

My Narrative

In the middle of a stormy night a huge single taniwha named poutini slithered out of the river and headed to the pa. “ I am going to find Waitaki”Poutini thought with a smile.

Sleeping on the hard ground floor in the pa was a beautiful brown haired women named Waitaki. Then Poutini found waitaki sleeping in the pa and fled away with her. Waitaki thought “ I'm never going to see my husband again”.

Tamaahua who was Waitaki  husband woke from his sleep and saw Waitaki was gone. Tamaahua was big and strong man and he was very powerful. Tamaahua was terrified when he saw Waitaki was gone he thought that she was in danger.Then he saw Waitaki’s cloak trailing after her as she disappeared around a corner. Poutini realised that Tamaahua would not stop until he got his hands on Waitaki. So he ran to a river and Poutini turned Waitaki into green stone.
When Tamaahua found out what poutini had done he roared with rage. The trees swished and the river slowed down and the birds stopped tweeting. It was if a shadow was coming over the valley.

Tamaahua found another girl and Poutini lived in a small cottage and every night he would remember that day.  

                 By Caitlyn        

All About Sound Waves

How sound waves work

Have you ever wondered how sound waves travel? Sound wave’s travel at 340 metres per second.
Soundwave’s also travel under water more faster than in the air, our purpose of this writing is to explain about how soundwave’s work.

First there needs to be an explosion this will make smoke and flames expand in the air. This will make the air travel out and up. (how could you and your buddy finish this paragraph - remember a Paragraph needs 4 sentences)

Next there was a ring of sound wave travelling. This is caused by the air moving. The air will travel out in a big wave, because the air is forcing out the explosion. The top of a wave is called a peak and the bottom is called a trofe. (conclusion sentence)

Finally the sound wave will travel past you. After you will feel a vibration and you will hear the sound. The sound will be travelling at 340 km per second. The vibration will feel like a judder in the car.

Now you know how a sound wave works.



Cows Moo
Farm Dogs Bark
It Is very quiet
The cowshed is very noisy
The trees go swish swish swish
The pony goes clip clop clip clop
Flying the kite on a windy sunny day
The pigeons fly heavily over you as you walk

The cows are in their paddocks munching away on grass.   

Friday, June 10, 2016

Thursday, June 9, 2016

All About African Animals

An Interview with timmy toothbrush

Giant Panda

Bike Maintenance

Handle bars

How many types of handlebars are there?

Well from the website we were on there were 14 types but we think there are more.

What are the differences between all the 14 handlebars?

What types of bikes have what handlebars?

Road bikes usually have drop handlebars. That is to give the rider different positions.

Drop bars are narrower than fat bars, and don’t offer quite as much detailed control over

the bike on uneven surfaces.       

Butterfly bars are usually found on road bikes. Often used for long distance touring bikes

where comfort through being able to use different riding positions is essential.

When we go to Dobson we go into groups in I am in Bike Maintenance with my friend Jess. In Bike Maintenance we get to bring our bikes and we do work on our bikes.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

My Robot Writing

O In the early morning as the the pinky peachy sun rises, Robo a black and red, smooth, small and round bug was busy taking photos of animals no one had ever seen before.

C Little Did Robo know that the big, pale, ugly &  rough zoo keepers who were very cruel to animals had a plan themselves.  

S of E Before she knew what had happened she was in a net.” I Am sure I’m going to to diethought Robo bug. But then when the zoo keepers were not looking Robo flew out of the net. Robo had to hide so she hid in the grass. The zoo keepers were going to their morning tea break.As soon as the zoo keepers were gone Robo flew out of her hiding spot. As soon as they were done they would be going to the lions cage. The zoo keepers had finished their morning tea break and were going to the lions cage. Roxy the little, yellow, cute lion cub was chucked out of her cage was taken away from her family and she was so terrified.Now the Zoo keepers were going to move roxy to anther zoo.

R      Roxy is now at a great zoo,The Zoo keepers are in jail and Robo Bug is in China taking photos of Giant Pandas.

By Caitlyn