Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Alcohol & Advertising- Health

 What adverts come to mind when I mention alcohol advertising: Promoting alcohol and prevention of alcohol.  

What events can you think of that are sponsored by alcohol brands?: Super Rugby Highlander- Speights, Warriors- Woodstock

How might exposure to alcohol advertising affect each aspect of well-being? Either directly or indirectly?

Mental & Emotional: 




  • It might make you want to go and buy the drinks that you see in the advertisement. 

  • It might make you change your mind about wanting to drink. 

  • If you decide to drink, it can have a negative impact on your physical health. 

  • It might make all your friends start talking about it negatively or positively. 

Analysing Alcohol Advertising:

Tui NZ Beer Advertisement

Describe the advertisement- The images and what is said or written and the main slogan of the campaign. 

It shows men distracting the women guarding people, so they can sneak into the beer factory so they can get some of the beer. 

How are the women/men portrayed in the advertisement?- What do they look like? What are they doing?

The women are swimming in the river and guarding the doors to get into the factory. The men are trying to distract the women, so they can sneak into the factory. The women are wearing tight clothes and bikinis in the river. The men are wearing cameo sorta clothes. 

What does the advertisement imply about the feelings a person will experience from using this particular brand of alcohol?

The men in the advertisement seem to be really happy after they have drunk some of the tui beer. They seem to have a lot of energy as well. 

Is there any social or sexual success implied in the advert? How do you know?

There is social success because in the advert, all the women are at the river swimming and relaxing in a group. The women are wearing crop tops and bikinis. 

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