Saturday, January 5, 2019

SLJ, Predator Free 2050 – A Call to Arms- Day 3, Activity 1

My favourite video was number 3 because it tells and shows you all about the traps and monitors that ZIP and Doc use to track all the animals. They also now use special remote monitoring system that the rangers can now just go online and see if there is anything in the trap instead of walking through the bush to go and see. I like this video because it shows you all about how they get rid of the pests that are making out native species numbers go down.


  1. Hi Caitlyn

    I agree with you, when I watched these three videos I felt the same as you. It is great that someone has come up with the technology that they can check the traps remotely without having to trek all the way through the bush to check the traps.
    This means they can be doing other jobs that are important rather than just going for a walk in the bush.
    It is great that they can monitor the Kiwis too, so they can make sure that they are all ok in the wild.

    We are lucky on the coast to have a couple of places that you can visit to see kiwis up close and personal.
    Have you been to the Wildlife Centre in Franz Josef? If you haven't, this is a must see for everyone. You can do a tour of the nursery where you can see the eggs in their incubators and baby kiwis that have just hatched. The rangers then tell you the process of what happens to the kiwis and when and where they release them back into the wild.
    It is well worth the trip to go there!

    Until next time

    Allie :)

    1. Hello Allie,

      I have been to Franz Josef before but when we were there we didn't go to the Wildlife Centre, but it sounds like a cool place where you can learn lots about our native wildlife!

      Caitlyn, :)


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