Thursday, January 3, 2019

SLJ, Crazy, Cool Clouds- Day 4, Activity 3

I chose picture 1.

The shape I can see in picture number 1 is, Roo and Kanga, from Winnie the Pooh. I  can see Kanga with Roo in her pouch. It looks like they are looking at something in the distance. I think this is a great cloud. :)Image result for roo and kanga

Photo by,
Comic Vine


  1. Hi Caitlyn

    Isn't that a great picture that you have got from that cloud. I have looked at that a few times now as different students do this activity and this is the first time I have seen that. But once you say it and then you go and look at it. It is all that I can see. We did have someone else say that it was a rabbit but not Kanga and Roo.
    You have a great imagination. Well done !

    There is nothing better than lying outside on a summers day and looking at the clouds to see what you can see. They always change so quickly so sometimes if you don't show someone straight away they don't always see what you see.

    Awesome job Caitlyn

    Until next time

    Allie :)

    1. Hello Allie,

      I agree, sometimes when it is sunny I like to go out to the trampoline and lay down on my back so I can look at the clouds. I see lots of cool shapes in the clouds.

      Caitlyn, :)


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