Sunday, January 20, 2019

SLJ, The Black Drain- Week 2, Day 5, Activity 2

Tukituki River-

Name of river- Tukituki
Location of river- Hawkes Bay
What is being done to help clean the river?- They want people and their dogs to keep out of the river and they are also setting fencing so they can keep stock from getting into the river.

Wairua River-

Name of river- Wairua
Location of river- Northland
What is being done to help clean the river?- Since rubbish is polluting this river people really want people to dispose of the rubbish correctly which is putting it in a bin or landfill.

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  1. Hi Caitlyn

    Well done with finding these two rivers and the information about them. It is quite amazing that there are so many rivers in New Zealand that are polluted in some way. We have this clean green image around the world yet so many of our rivers have things that need to be improved.
    Is the main issue with the Tukituki river the dogs? That is interesting. What is it that is the issue? I wouldn't have thought that dogs caused so much of a problem.
    I think if we all took responsibility for our rubbish then things like the Wairua river would be much better. This is something that we should all be doing anyway.
    Imagine if all the rivers in the Grey Valley were polluted so bad that you couldn't swim in them or anything. That would be really sad.

    Well done Caitlyn.

    Until next time

    Allie :)


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