Tuesday, January 1, 2019

SLJ, Bee informed- Day 2, activity 1

Here is are my sentences about BumbleBees-

  • The word 'bumblebee' is a compound word (bumble + bee). The word 'bumble' means to Hum, Buzz or Drone
  • Bumblebees can fly very quickly. They can reach ground speeds of 54 kilometers per hour
  • Bumblebees are very strong! They carry up to 90 percent of their body weight in food with them to avoid starvation. 
  • Bumblebees can do more work and carry more pollen than other bees, including honeybees. In fact, they can do up to 50 times as much work as a normal honeybee.
  • The number of bumblebees is declining in New Zealand due to a number of factors, including the removal of wildflowers and flowering trees. 


  1. Kia Ora Caitlyn,

    It is great to see that you have bee-come informed and completed all five sentences with the correct information about bumblebees. I have to admit that, when I started making this programme, I did not know very much about the bumblebee but after reading about them I was really amazed. They are pretty incredible insects, aren't they? I was particularly surprised by the fact that they can carry 90% of their body weight in food. That's pretty astounding. Can you imagine what it would be like it we tried to carry kilos and kilos of food around with us? My son (Aronui) is eight years old and I can barely carry him around and he doesn't weight anywhere close to 90% of my body weight!

    When you were reading about the bumblebee, did you come across anything that particularly surprised you? I can see from the 'All About Me' section on your blog that you are an animal lover and have a cat, dog, horse, pony, deer and cows on your property. Wow! That's really cool. Do they all live outdoors or do some of the animals stay with you in your home? We have one cat here at my house. His name is Jackson and he's pretty funny. He likes to walk around the house meowing and sticking his tongue out. He's pretty silly!

    Well, speaking of Jackson, I better slip away as he has just come into my room looking for some breakfast. It is my job to feed him and he's looking pretty hungry! Do you have responsibilities at your house for feeding the animals?

    I hope that you'll have time to write back and to continue working on the SLJ over the next few days. We are really blown away by your progress. Keep up the great work!

    Bye for now,
    Rachel :)

    1. Hello Rachel,

      Something that surprised me was how fast they could fly! 54 KPH! That is quite fast for such a little creature.

      All of our animals stay outside except our cat he comes inside and loves to sleep in the sun. Yes, Jess (my sister) and Zac (my brother) and I all have responsibilities, Jess has to take care of her horse and pony, like mucking out, feeding, brushing, riding and Zac has to put the dog away at night and feed her and I feed our cat and make sure his water bowl is full.

      Caitlyn :)


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