Sunday, January 20, 2019

SLJ, Burning Up...- Week 3, Day 1, Activity 3

For this activity, I had to create a graph, explaining what place had the highest temperature. In the end Dash-e Loot ended up having the highest temperature with 71 degrees!!! I had fun making this graph. 😁

SLJ, The Black Drain- Week 2, Day 5, Activity 2

Tukituki River-

Name of river- Tukituki
Location of river- Hawkes Bay
What is being done to help clean the river?- They want people and their dogs to keep out of the river and they are also setting fencing so they can keep stock from getting into the river.

Wairua River-

Name of river- Wairua
Location of river- Northland
What is being done to help clean the river?- Since rubbish is polluting this river people really want people to dispose of the rubbish correctly which is putting it in a bin or landfill.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

SLJ, Picture Perfect- Week 2, Activity 3, Day 4

Today, My task was to create a story using the picture which is down below. Here is mine. 😁

As I climbed the steps to the place where I had been longing to take a selfie at since the moment I got here in Venice, I was starting to feel a bit nervous from the height and how dangerous this was going to be, but I decided I NEED this selfie. Soon I was starting to feel more and more excited with each step I took. "A couple more steps to go" I said to myself. Once I climbed the last step I scrambled to the very very edge of the platform. Making sure I got my face and the beautiful surrounding I clicked the button, "and... done". Very carefully I got myself out of the risky position I was in and made sure the photo was perfect and then I started to walk back to my B&B.

Image result for risky selfies

Photo by HuffPost

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

SLJ, Mighty Mangroves- Week 2, Day 2, Activity 2

Image result for wonder
Photo by
The person I have chosen for this activity is Auggie Pullman from the book Wonder. I think he is mentally strong rather than strong with muscles. I picked him as he was born with a condition called Treacher Collins. Treacher collins is a condition in which some bones and tissues in the face are not developed. I think that August is really brave as he has had to block out the bullies his whole life. 

SLJ, Going, going….gone- Week 1, Activity 3, Day 5

In my opinion I lived in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. New Zealand was made up of three islands. Two main, and one smaller one. The north island was home to the capital city and the biggest city in New Zealand, while in the south island it was bursting with bush and nature. New Zealand had some great bush walks like the Abel Tasman and the Heaphy Track. There were also great places to see like the Pancake rocks at Punakaiki Te Papa museum in Wellington.

SLJ, Fantastic Beasts- Week 1, Activity 1, Day 3

Here is my beast I have drawn. It is called a Spring Devil.

SLJ, Weird and Wonderful- Week 1, Day 2, Activity 3

I think the answer to this maths problem is 1,095 ml. This is how I worked it out-  I figured out how many days are in a year and then I times that by three, which is 1,095 and then I just added ml on the end.

SLJ, Surfs Up!, Week 2, Activity 1, Day 1

My favourite thing to do in the summer and when it is hot is going out to the lake with my family. At the lake we Water ski, Biscuit, Wakeboard, Paddleboard, Kayak and swim. It is really really fun! Here are some pictures of my family, friends and I at the lake.

Me and my friends jumping off the pontoon at Moana

Friends at the lake

Emily and I double water skiing for the first time EVER!

Emily and I water skiing again

Jess in the boat, Zac and I on the biscuit and dad pushing the boat out

Doing triple biscuit and donut behind the boat

                                                   Zac, Jess, Lexus and I on the boat after we had been biscuiting that night

Thursday, January 10, 2019


Image result for summer learning journey
Photo by Google Sites
Thanks to all the Summer Learning Journey team for commenting on my blog and for all the feedback for my work. It has been a lot of fun participating in the Summer Learning Journey and I have enjoyed all of it.

SLJ, Concluding the Journey :(- Day 5, Activity 3

  1. I have learned that there is such thing as Acid Rain
  2. One thing that surprised me was Timaru had the highest recorded level of air pollution!
  3. One thing that upset me was that people have predicted that the Maui Dolphin will be extinct by 2033 :(
  4. One thing that me and my family can do to protect the environment is use reusable bags 

SLJ, Adoption Day- Day 5, Activity 2

My three animals I have chosen-

  1. Loggerhead Turtle
  2. Image result for african rhino
    Photo by The Telegraph
  3. African Elephant Calf
  4. Image result for loggerhead turtle
    Photo by National Wildlife Federation 
    Image result for african elephant calf
    Photo by Youtube
  5. African Rhino   
Differences about these 3 animals

  • Loggerhead Turtles have shells
  • Loggerhead Turtles are Reptiles, The other two are mammals
  • African elephants and african Rhinos get hunted for ivory, Sea turtles get hunted for shells, eggs, meat & skin

Similarities about theses 3 animals

  • All get hunted
  • All are endangered 

I would like to adopt the African Elephant Calf

SLJ, Environment Day - Beat Plastic Pollution- Day 5, Activity 1

Ways I can help the environment-

  1. Use products that are safe for the environment
  2. Use reusable stuff such as bags, drink bottles, straws, cups, forks
  3. Recycle

Image result for recycle
Photo by

SLJ, Restricted Access- Day 4, Activity 3

I am half and half with this decision. Here are my reasons why-

  • It is sad that the Government has restricted the number of people because it is apart of Peru's history and a lot of people would come to peru to see all the history there. 
  • It is also good that the government has decided to cut down on the number of people visiting this site because it has been damaged due to all the people visiting and now they can preserve it for lots more years. 

SLJ, The Plastic Pledge- Day 4, Activity 2

Here is what my Mum thinks about Countdown going plastic bag free.

Mum thinks that it is a great decision, long overdue. Now they need to start cutting down on all the plastic they use for packaging.

Saturday, January 5, 2019

SLJ, The Power of Ten- Day 3, Activity 3

My Animals I would save from extinction.

  1. Elephant- Elephants are my favourite animal on the planet & if they got extinct I would be really sad
  2. Maui Dolphin- They live on the west coast & they are a type of Dolphin & I love dolphins
  3. Rhinoceros- Right now they are being hunted for ivory in their tusks and they are critically endangered
  4. Kea- Kea are native to NZ & they are such cheeky birds, it would be sad to see them go
  5.   Giraffe- Giraffes are another one of my favourite animals, (my favourite type of animals are African animals by the way)
  6. Zebra- Zebras are endangered due to hunting & habitat loss, and surprise they are one of my favourite animals
  7. Hippo- I love Hippos because they are really interesting animals
  8. Lions- I don't want Lions to go extinct because they are already extinct in 15 countries
  9. Siberian Tiger- They are endangered because of poaching & habitat loss
  10. Giant Panda- Pandas are anther one of my favourite animal as they as SO cute

SLJ, Protecting the Most Vulnerable - Fact or Fiction?- Day 3, Activity 2

  1. There are only 63 Maui Dolphin left on the whole entire planet. 
  2. Maui Dolphin only live for 20 years. 
  3. Maui Dolphin eat a variety of Fish, such as Red Cod, Sole & Ahuru
  4. Maui Dolphin only live in the waters of the east coast
  5. Maui Dolphin are one of the biggest dolphin species
  6. Maui and Hector's Dolphins look totally different

SLJ, Predator Free 2050 – A Call to Arms- Day 3, Activity 1

My favourite video was number 3 because it tells and shows you all about the traps and monitors that ZIP and Doc use to track all the animals. They also now use special remote monitoring system that the rangers can now just go online and see if there is anything in the trap instead of walking through the bush to go and see. I like this video because it shows you all about how they get rid of the pests that are making out native species numbers go down.

SLJ, A House is Not a Home- Day 2, Activity 3

A project that interested me was the "Conserving the Tonkin snub-nosed monkey in Vietnam".

The reason that this project interested me was because this monkey is critically endangered. I also chose it because I love animals and when I grow up I want to work with Mammals. I think it is so good that is is now illegal to kill or trade this monkeys as they are now protected by law in Vietnam. I really hope that the numbers go up even more.

Image result for tonkin snub-nosed monkey

Photo by- Pinterest

SLJ, A Protective Plant- Day 2, Activity 2

10 Herbs that I would grow in my garden-

  1. Parsley
  2. Mint
  3. Basil
  4. Rosemary
  5. Thyme
  6. Coriander
  7. Chives
  8. Oregano
  9. Sage
  10. Dill

10 Fruits that I would grow in my garden-

  1. Strawberries
  2. Raspberries
  3. Blueberries
  4. Apples
  5. Cherries
  6. Pears
  7. Rock Melon
  8. Lemons
  9. Apricots
  10. Cucumber

10 Veggies that I would grow in my garden-

  1. Peas
  2. Broccoli
  3. Carrots
  4. Beans
  5. Red Bell Peppers
  6. Spinach
  7. Potatoes
  8. Lettuce
  9. Cauliflower
  10. Kale

SLJ, A flying fox- Day 2, Activity 1

I would feel scared for the first few minutes and my tummy would be doing loop de loops but as I get used to how fast I am going and the feel of the air against my face, I think I would love it. 

SLJ, The Sky in Shanghai- Day 1, Activity 3

For this activity I decided to make a Haiku about Beijing. Haikus are one of my favourite forms of poetry.


Beijing is busy
Culture is interesting
There is lots of smog

Image result for beijing

Photo by- Wikipedia

Friday, January 4, 2019

SLJ, Guardians of the Sea- Day 2, Activity 2

I do not believe in the Taniwha because no one has seen a real Taniwha and no one can prove that it is a real living creature. Maybe if someone can prove that it is a real living creature I might believe in it, but until someone can prove it, I don't believe in it. Image result for taniwha

Photo by- Te Ara

SLJ, World of Wearable (WOW) Art- Week 4, Day 1, Activity 1

Questions I would like to ask Dame Suzie Moncrieff-

  1. What made you want to create WOW?
  2. How long did it take to officially create WOW?
  3. Were there any people who thought the idea was crazy or weird?
  4. How long had you been wanting to make WOW for before you actually made it?
  5. What did your friends think when they heard you wanted to make WOW?

SLJ, Let it Rain- Day 5, Activity 3

As I stepped outside after what I thought was just a shower of rain, I saw all of the trees in my backyard were leafless, bare, with nothing on them. I thought to myself "before this shower of rain, these trees had leafs on them, but now they are gone". I thought of the possibilities that could of happened. "Someone could of came and clipped the leafs on our trees"? "Most probably not", I said answering my question I just asked myself.

I ran back inside to tell Mum and Dad what had happened. They ran out to the backyard with me and I showed them the naked trees. When I looked around to see what else had happened I saw that the grass had turned brown, when I looked up I saw that the sky was grey. "Let's go back inside" Mum said

We walked back inside I couldn't stop looking out the window at what had happened. The backyard looked so sad, it looked as though it was coated in grey paint.

The End

SLJ, Changing Climates- Day 5, Activity 2

Things that I like to do when it is too rainy to outside-

Image result for girl listen music
Photo by- Pngtree

  1. Bake- One of my favourite things to bake are slices 
  2. Read
  3. Play board games with my family like Cluedo and Cranium
  4. Listen to music
  5. Watch a movie 
Image result for read
Photo by- Flashnaijanews

Image result for cluedo
Photo by- The Entertainer
Image result for watch a movie clipart
Photo by- Feel and Fall with the Music
Image result for slices
Photo by- FeedFeed

Thursday, January 3, 2019

SLJ, Persistent Pollution- Day 5, Activity 1

Three things I found out by watching this video-

  1. A bit of air pollution comes from natural sources like wildfires or volcanoes erupting
  2. There are different kinds of pollution that people have made such as greenhouse gasses
  3. Air pollution make more mold

Image result for mold
Photo by- Green Building Supply

SLJ, Crazy, Cool Clouds- Day 4, Activity 3

I chose picture 1.

The shape I can see in picture number 1 is, Roo and Kanga, from Winnie the Pooh. I  can see Kanga with Roo in her pouch. It looks like they are looking at something in the distance. I think this is a great cloud. :)Image result for roo and kanga

Photo by,
Comic Vine

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

SLJ, The Southern Lights- Day 4, Activity 1

L- Lights up the sky
I- Iridescent colored
G- Glistening in the sky
H- Hard to stop looking at
T- Take lots of pictures
S- Sparkles at night

This is my Acrostic Poem I made, I couldn't really think of anything for S and T, but in the end I thought of something. It was kinda challenging trying to think of sentences but it was fun to make.

SLJ, Wind Beneath My Wings- Day 3, Activity 3

Photos by-
Bald Eagle In Flight- Burpee Museum of Natural History
Eagle sitting on branch- Flickr

SLJ, Flying Foxes- Day 3, Activity 2

If I got to choose any superpower it would be to be able to talk to animals.

The reason I would love to have this superpower would be so I know how this animal is feeling, what it is like being that animal and so I could communicate to my dog, cat and the cows. It would be awesome to have this superpower!

SLJ, Bird Of The Year!- Day 3, Activity 1

Photo by- NZ Birds Online

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

SLJ, Carbon Sinks Don’t Stink!- Day 2, Activity 2

Foods I would put down my sink-

  • Tomato Sauce
  • Olives
  • Salmon
  • Seafood Chowder
  • Pickles
  • Mustard
  • Mussels

There is plenty more but I will not list them as it might take a wee while. :)

SLJ, Bee informed- Day 2, activity 1

Here is are my sentences about BumbleBees-

  • The word 'bumblebee' is a compound word (bumble + bee). The word 'bumble' means to Hum, Buzz or Drone
  • Bumblebees can fly very quickly. They can reach ground speeds of 54 kilometers per hour
  • Bumblebees are very strong! They carry up to 90 percent of their body weight in food with them to avoid starvation. 
  • Bumblebees can do more work and carry more pollen than other bees, including honeybees. In fact, they can do up to 50 times as much work as a normal honeybee.
  • The number of bumblebees is declining in New Zealand due to a number of factors, including the removal of wildflowers and flowering trees.