Wednesday, December 19, 2018

SLJ, Towering Timbers- Day 5, Activity 1

I am half and half with logging in New Zealand. I do support it a bit- Here are my reasons for why I do support it-

  1. It does make money for our country
  2. It can maintain forest and bush health

Reasons why I am against it as well-

  1. It can force animals out of their home where they live
  2. It could possibly damage the environment 


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    1. Hi Jess, Thanks for commenting!, I think it is good for the money part, but at the same time, I think it is bad for the animals that get forced out of their homes.

  2. Hello Caitlyn!
    I am half and half as well I think. It is a great job for making money for our country but I also really don't like the fact that it can force animals out of their homes.

    Blog ya later:)

  3. Hi Caitlyn!

    Great ideas here, I like that you have given reasons for both sides. I think that it is a tough topic for that very reason, there are so many pro's and con's to each side.

    I was wondering how the logging maintains forest and bush health? That is really interesting - I hope you can teach me more about this?

    I think that you have brought up some really great points for why we shouldn't be logging also. I like that you have considered what it means for the animals in the area and the effects it could have on the environment.
    I think that is a very key concern for the world at the moment with the huge amount of damage we are seeing to the environment.
    Have you talked much about this in school?

    Great work Caitlyn, keep it up!
    Ellee :)

    1. Hello Ellee,

      What I mean by It can maintain forest and bush health, is that when logging is done is can get rid of all the dead and diseased trees plus it can also prevent the spread of fungi or bacteria which may damage other parts of the tree.

      Thanks, Caitlyn 😁


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