Sunday, December 23, 2018

SLJ, Planes, Trains and Automobiles- Day 4, activity 1

I would choose Boat. The reason I chose Boat was because you could see more things than on foot, you could go to cool little islands out in the sea, that you would not be able to get there on foot. Another reason why I would go on the boat is because I love going on boats and I think they are a really cool way to see Milford Sound. Image result for boat trips at milford sound


  1. Hi Caitlyn!

    Thank you for sharing how you would like to travel through the Milford Sound. You have listed some really great reasons why you would like to take a boat!
    I also like that you have added this beatiful picture - It does look like an amazing way to see the Milford Sound. :)

    You are right, I am sure there would be a lot you could see on a boat that you might not see walking - Hopefully you might even get to spot some animals along the way!
    Do you have an animal you think it would be pretty cool to see?

    That is really cool that you like being on a boat - Do you go out on boats often?
    My Mum does not like boats at all, she gets really sea sick - I remember being little on the Interislander with her and she slept the whole way so she wouldn't get sick!
    Do you ever get sea sick?
    Are there any tips and tricks you have for people who get sea sick?
    My intermediate teacher told me chewing gum helps...

    Great work on this activity Caitlyn!

    Nga mihi,

    1. Hello Ellee,

      I think it would be amazing to see some Bottlenose and Hector's Dolphins as these are usually seen on cruises in Milford Sound. Also Penguins like the Little penguin or the Fur seal.

      Yes, my family has a Jet boat that we take out to lake Brunner often. Today we have just got back from staying there for 5 nights.

      I don't get seasick, but a tip for sea sickness is to get fresh air, as sometimes that does help.

      Caitlyn, :)


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