Sunday, December 23, 2018

SLJ, It’s All in the Name- Day 4, activity 2

Names I think would be call to name the pool of water

  1. Goblins Soup (*)
  2. Pea and Ham soup 
  3. Goblins Bath

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  1. Hi Caitlyn!

    Woah! These are really great names for 'The Devils Bath'!
    You have come up with some really creative, mystical sounding names. :)

    I like that 'Goblins Soup' is your favourite choice - I think this is my favourite too - It really does look like a big bowl of goblin soup. I wonder how it tastes? :)
    Do you think this name would attract more tourists?
    .... I think it might attract tourists that are Lord of the Rings fans. :)

    Have you been to Rotorua before?
    The geothermal pools and geysers are pretty amazing - they are well worth a visit if you get the chance!

    Awesome work here Caitlyn!

    Nga mihi,
    Ellee :)

    1. Hi Ellee,

      Yes, I think it could make more people come and see the attraction but I think that Devils bath is already a great name that would attract me to come and see this cool place.

      I have not been to Rotorua before but my Mum and Dad have and they said it was quite stinky!

      Caitlyn :)


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