Thursday, December 20, 2018

SLJ, The great Taupo cycle challenge- Day 1, Activity 2

The people I would like to have in my support team would be-

  1. My Brother- He is really funny & would make me laugh along the way
  2. My Mum- She is really supportive and would make me keep going
  3. My Sister- She would cheer me on
  4. My Dad- Keep me company


  1. Hi Caitlyn!

    Woah! What a great team, I think that it is pretty special that you have picked all family members too! Family power!!
    I like that you have thought about each persons strength and what they will bring to the table to make sure you have the best race possible. :)

    I think having a joker is a really important part of the team, you need someone to keep your spirits high, specially when you are super tired.

    Sounds like your Mum and sister would make amazing team Caitlyn cheer leaders? That's really awesome that you know you can rely on them to support you through the race.

    Would your Dad keep you company by biking the race too? Hopefully he could help you if you got into any trouble along the way like getting a punctured tire? (Hopefully that wouldn't happen!)

    Do you think you might like to train up for the Taupo race one day?
    How long do you think it mgiht take you to train?

    Sounds like a dream team to me Caitlyn, great work!
    Ellee :)

    1. Hello Elle,

      Yes, my dad would be able to fix a flat tire if I got one.

      Yes, I might like to do that one day as I do like to go on bike rides,I think it would take someone quite a long time to train yourself to be able to ride that far.

      Caitlyn :)


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