Saturday, December 29, 2018

SLJ, Faded Glory- Day 5, Activity 3

Some ideas and strategies for raising funds to preserve the Great Barrier Reef-

  1. Do a sausage sizzle or bake sale to raise money
  2. Raise Money. Raise Money so people can put it towards something to with the reef
  3. Be careful of where you put your rubbish and plastic because a lot of it ends up in our oceans 


  1. Hi Caitlyn!

    These are some really great ideas for raising awareness and taking care of Great Barrier Reef.
    In order to recieve full points for this activity you need to list three fund raising ideas that we could take part in here in New Zealand.
    Have a think about things your community or your school could do to raise funds... maybe something like a bake sale?

    I am sure you have probably done many fundraisers in school - I know one I can think of from when I was in school was selling Cadbury chocolate bars. I had to sell as many boxes as I could to go towards a trip!

    Looking forward to seeing what you might come up with Caitlyn!

    Nga mihi,
    Ellee :)

    1. Hello Ellee,

      I have changed to the top idea to something we can do in NZ.
      Last year to raise money for our school we went around selling plasters instead of chocolate. We have also sold chocolate before to raise money, but I think that we raised more money with the chocolate as lots of people love chocolate.

      Caitlyn :)

    2. Hi Caitlyn!

      Selling plasters? ...I haven't seen people doing that before that's an original one! It's a much healthier option too :)

      Great job changing your top idea Caitlyn, awesome work - If you come up with anymore ideas be sure to add them to your post :)

      Ellee :)


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