Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Don't open the box story

Don't Open The Box

It all started when I opened that stupid box, that said "Do not open this box or else". I knew I shouldn't of, but I still did, and to this day I am still regretting my decision to open that box. 

The box itself was secured shut with heavy silver chains around it, but to my surprise it didn't need a key to unlock it. with one kick I got it open. So when I kicked that box open, that changed my life for a couple of minutes, it was unoccupied, but then a couple of seconds later music started to play. I thought to myself " This isn't so bad. But still nothing happened. Then without no warning a adorable pig came out and it started to shake its but in my face and once again without any warning it flicked poo in my face. It did this for about 30 seconds and this it disappeared back into his box. 

For some reason I opened the box again, Obviously I had not learnt from opening it the first time, but I still did it....again. This time when I opened it, once again music started to play, but this time it was ice cream truck music, but I saw no ice cream truck. Then I saw a man and he was holding out an ice cream. "Cherry flavoured, ice cream" I was dumb and I took it. "Yum I love cherry" I remember saying. he passed it to me and I took it. I took and took a sizeable bite. I quickly realised that it wasn't "cherry", it tasted like blood, but I thought that kind man wouldn't give me blood flavoured ice cream, so I kept on eating. It wasn't until he started to laugh and say that it WAS blood flavoured ice cream. I chucked the ice cream away and was about to shut the lid when he said that he will get me a actul cherry flavoured ice cream. I said yes, just to get the flavour of blood from my mouth, he was about to give it to me, then BAM, he smashed in my face. I shut the lid before he could stop me.

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