Monday, September 3, 2018

Dictionary skills

Find the definitions of these words using a dictionary, then write a sentence for each one.

Definition: Like the company of others
Sentence: Dolphins are Gregarious

Definition: Bubbling
Sentence: I love to drink Effervescent drinks

Definition: A fussy person
Sentence: I was a very Persnickety person
Definition: It doesn't have a logical explanation
Sentence: The maths problem I was working on didn’t have a Incoherent explanation

Definition: Climb or move in a awkward way
Sentence: I Clambered up to her

Definition:  Gloomy, unhappy
Sentence: I was really Disconsolate after my cat died

Sentence: I did something Inconceivable because I went in barefeet in the snow

Definition: A clumsy person
Sentence: I was such a Clodhopper

Definition: Making a great deal of noise
Sentence: The party was Tumultuous

Now use a thesaurus to find other words for happy.  Write your favourite three.

Cherry. Cheerful. Merry,
Find your three favourite alternatives to sad.
Mournful, Gloomy, Downhearted

Find your three favourite alternatives to said.
Speak, pronounce, Mutter

Find your three favourite alternatives to loud.
Blooming, Roaring, Ear-splitting

Find your three favourite alternatives to tiny.

Minuteture. Mini, Pocket Sized

Words that I have never heard of before

  1. Apple- knocker- An unsophisticated person
  2. Bawbee- A scottish coin
  3. Claggy- Sticky
  4. Deedy- Effective
  5. Erf- African, A plot of land
  6. Fipple- The mouthpiece of recorder or wind instrument
  7. Higgler- A indian person who travels from place to place selling small things
  8. Jumbuck- A sheep
  9. Keek- To peep
  10. Lollygag- To spend a lot of time doing nothing, to be lazy
  11. Minibeast- A small animal
  12. Nacarat- A bright orange- red color
  13. O-O- An endangered hawaiian bird
  14. Peely-Wally- Looking pale and unwell
  15. Rugrat- A child
  16. Shanky- Revolting
  17. Tiffin- A light meal
  18. Ulu- A short handled knife
  19. Winebibber- A heavy drinker
  20. Zorro- A kind of fox

With Ms Bamford on Friday we had to find the definitions to all of these words. I really liked doing this activity. At the end she asked us to write down some words that we had never heard of before.

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