Wednesday, May 2, 2018


It was a scorching hot day and the family of trolls were walking up the mammoth sized mountain. They had been walking for at least 5 minutes, then they stopped for a break. As soon as they sat down, the ground started to shake. At first it was weak but then it got stronger and stronger until they were scattered everywhere from the shaking. Rocks and dust were flying everywhere. I could taste the dry taste of dust on my tongue. Everytime I tried to breathe, a mouthful of dust would get in, it stuck to the top of my mouth. Finally all of the commotion stopped and everything went quiet. "What just happened?" someone asked, "I think it was a gigantic earthquake" said someone else. "Lets just keep going" said the Grandad troll, so they kept on walking for an hour.

They instantly came to a sudden stop, they had walked to the edge of the mountain or so what they thought was the mountain, then suddenly there was a loud rumbling sound ans strong shaking, then thud. No one else heard that thud or Grandads screams. "Where's Grandad?"yelled someone. They all looked around for him, but he was nowhere to be seen....

They all decided to keep on walking without Grandad. (They couldn't be bothered looking for him). After an hour of walking, they suddenly heard a shout. They turned around and saw Grandad! They had found Grandad, (Well actually he found them). They walked until they found their home.   

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