Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Cowboy Casserole

This term for reading we are learning about cooking, baking, recipes. Last week for homework we had to make Cowboy Casserole for dinner. My sister Jess and I made it and we got some pictures of us with it. it was really yummy and I would love to make it again.

Next time I will add more cheese and Macaroni.

(My brother Zac is in some of them)


  1. Greetings Caitlyn,
    What another outstanding blog post from you again. The image you've added looks amazing. I like the image of you cooking the cowboy casserole. It would be interesting to get some images of you cooking cheese and macaroni. Did you enjoy making dinner?
    Well done Caitlyn.

  2. Hi Mele,

    Yes I loved to cook that and I also love to bake.

    thanks for commenting!



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