Thursday, December 28, 2017

Week 2, day 4

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Sergeant James Allen Ward

James ward was the first New Zealand ariman to win the VC. He was born in Whanganui and was a school teacher before he joined the RNZAF in july 1940. He won his VC while returning from a raid on the German city of Munster on july 7 1941. When his bomber was set alight by an enemy fighter plane, James climbed out onto the burning wing which was several thousand feet in the air and smothered the fire. Although he was unable to block the leaking pipe that was feeding it, the fire eventually burnt itself out and the badly damaged bomber limped back to base. 2 months later, James was killed when he remained at the controls of his buring aircraft after it was hit by flak over Hamburg.

  • Date of action- 7 july 1941 ( over the Netherlands )
  • Date of award- 5 august 1941


  1. Kia ora Caitlyn,

    It is great to see you have found and chosen a Victoria Cross winner. It would be great if you could try to summarise what you have read into your own words. This way the learning will be more meaningful for you and it will become your own work. maybe you could try to summarise it into your own words as a reply to my comment. Just choose the most important points. :)

    After reading a little bit about him, What kind of person do you think Sergeant James Allen Ward is? I bet his family would have been very proud of him.

    Keep up the awesome blogging!

    Noho ora mai,
    Emiely :)

    1. Hi Emiely

      He won the VC, when his plane got set on fire by rival plane, James then climbed onto the planes wing which was set on fire and which was very high up in the air and somethered the fire.

      I think James was a very brave person to be able to do that!

      From Caitlyn

    2. Hi Caitlyn,

      Great effort summarising it into your own words. I am more than happy to give you full points for this activity now! Thanks for doing that and great work. :)

      I agree with you. He must have been a very brave man to to be climbing a burning plane and trying to smother the fire! I don't think I would be brave enough to do that!

      Keep up the great blogging.

      Noho ora mai,

      Emiely :)

    3. Hi Emiely

      Yay full points! I definitely won't be brave enough to do that!

      From Caitlyn


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