Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Week 2, Activity 2

  1. A bake sale
  2. A Garage sale
  3. Make something like a community cookbook, then sell it


  1. Hi Caitlyn

    Things would have been really hard in the 1930's with not much money in the communities.
    You have come up with some really great ideas.
    Having a bake sale and garage sale would be good ways of making money for the community.
    What would you do with the money you raised?
    Would you just give away money or would you get things that the families needed?
    I love the idea of making a recipe book. This would not cost a lot of money to do, it would just involve your time. You could write out the recipes once you have collected them from all the people.
    These recipes are always great too, because they are always the favourite ones from families.

    Well done Caitlyn

    Until next time

    Allie :)

    1. Hi Allie

      I would probably give it to families that don't have much.

      Thanks for commenting



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