Saturday, December 30, 2017

Postcard Template

Why I decided to chose these icons
  • Gumboots- Gumboots are the traditional footwear of farmers
  • Jandals- Jandals are a favourite for summertime footwear in New Zealand
  • Kiwi- It is one of New Zealand's native animals
  • Hokey Pokey Ice Cream- Hokey Pokey Ice Cream is a kiwi favourite
  • Buzzy Bee- It has been amusing New Zealand kids since 1940s.


  1. hello again caity
    that is such a cute card but i think that you should blend the pic onto the background a bit.
    Well keep on doing great posts

    1. Hi Jess

      Thanks for your feedback, next time I will try doing that.


  2. Kia ora Caitlyn,

    What a great postcard you have created. I like the way you have added Kiwiwiana elements like gumboots and hockey pokey ice cream! Your background reminds me of the bush walks I do in Auckland in this place called the 'Waitakere Ranges'. Great background choice. It definitely reminds me of home.

    Are you able to write some sentences describing your postcard? I'd love to know what the different Kiwiana elements are and why you have chosen them.

    Keep up the great blogging!

    Noho ora mai,

    Emiely :)

    1. Hi Emiely

      Yes, definitely I could write some sentences about my kiwiana elements.

      Thanks for commenting!


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