Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Picture story

#1 Once there was a boy named Max. All he thought about was flying, when he was in bed he was thinking about flying, when he was outside he was thinking about flying, all he wanted to do was fly, so one day he made his dream come to life. One afternoon he was in his room and he spotted a cape, so he ran to his wardrobe and put the cape on and went outside. He went and climbed the big oak tree in the backyard and jumped from its big branch.

#2 “ Knock, knock”from under the boat. “What was that? Where did it come from?” Francis thought to herself. In the morning there was nothing left of her but boat and her journal. Never to be seen again…
#3 Once there was a cave and in that cave lived a man, and and the cave also lived robots designed as bugs.The man did not know that there was robots living in the cave as well as him, he had always thought he was the only person ever living in this cave, until one day, a day he thought would never happen in his whole entire life, a nightmare he thought he would never dream. One night when he was about to go to bed he noticed that bugs were all over the ground so he went and got his broom and shooed them all away, that is when the nightmare come true…
#4 As I jumped into my kayak, I thought that I would get lots of fish. I paddled around a island for around an 10 minutes and then I finally came to a spot where I stopped. I hooked on some bait and chucked my rod into the water below me. 10 minutes later I still had not got anything and then I saw a splash in the water. The next minutes happed in a blur, I was flung out of my kayak like a rock in a slingshot. I thought I was going to get attacked by it.
  • What do you notice? What is happening? The man got tipped out of his kayak by a shark.
  • What does it make you think of? It made me think that he was going to get attacked by the shark.
  • What are characters thinking in their own heads? I think he is probably thinking that he is going to get hurt and that the water is so cold.
Every Tuesday room 8 does Quick writes. Quick writes is something when we do Word staircase, Picture story and Quick writes. This here is a picture story. When you have a picture or video we have to watch and then we have to write about it.

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