Tuesday, February 28, 2017

WW1 heros

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  1. Thomas full name is Thomas Charles Richmond Baker.
  2. Thomas was born on the 2nd of May 1897 Smithfield, South Australia.
  3. Thomas was shot down and killed on 4 November 1918.
  4. In February 1919, he was posthumously awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross.
  5. Thomas was buried in Escanaffles Communal Cemetery, Belgium.
  6. Thomas was a aviator.
  7. In September 1917, Baker applied for a position as a mechanic in the Australian Flying Corps.
  8. During his school years Baker was an active sportsman, taking part in rowing, tennis and football.
  9. On 16 March, Baker was admitted to hospital suffering from an illness; he returned to his unit six days later.
  10. On 31 July, Baker was among a formation of seven Camels tasked with carrying out a patrol over German-held territory.

  • I think that he was a very brave person.
  • He was a good man.

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