Wednesday, November 30, 2016

My Robot Writing

O In the early morning as the pinky peachy sun rises, Robo a black and red, smooth, small and round bug was busy taking photos of animals no one had ever seen before.

C Little Did Robo know that the big, pale, ugly &  rough zoo keepers who were very cruel to animals had a plan themselves.  

S of E Before she knew what had happened she was in a net.” I Am sure I’m going  to die” thought Robo bug. But then when the zookeepers were not looking Robo flew out of the net. Robo had to hide so she hid in the grass. The zookeepers were going to their morning tea break.As soon as the zookeepers were gone Robo flew out of her hiding spot. As soon as they were done they would be going to the lions cage. The zookeepers had finished their morning tea break and were going to the lions cage. Roxy the little, yellow, cute lion cub was chucked out of her cage was taken away from her family and she was so terrified.Now the Zookeppers were going to move roxy to anther zoo.

R      Roxy is now at a great zoo,The Zookeepers are in jail and Robo Bug is in New zealand taking photos of great spotted Kiwis.

By Caitlyn   

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