Wednesday, November 30, 2016

My Narrative Poutini

In the middle of a stormy night a huge single taniwha named poutini slithered out of the river and headed to the pa. “ I am going to find Waitaki”Poutini thought with a smile.

Sleeping on the hard ground floor in the pa was a beautiful brown haired women named Waitaki. Then Poutini found waitaki sleeping in the pa and fled away with her. Waitaki thought “ I'm never going to see my husband again”.

Tamaahua who was Waitaki  husband woke from his sleep and saw Waitaki was gone. Tamaahua was big and strong man and he was very powerful. Tamaahua was terrified when he saw Waitaki was gone he thought that she was in danger.Then he saw Waitaki’s cloak trailing after her as she disappeared around a corner. Poutini realised that Tamaahua would not stop until he got his hands on Waitaki. So he ran to a river and Poutini turned Waitaki into green stone.
When Tamaahua found out what poutini had done he roared with rage. The trees swished and the river slowed down and the birds stopped tweeting. It was if a shadow was coming over the valley.

Tamaahua found another girl and Poutini lived in a small cottage and every night he would remember that day.  

                 By Caitlyn        

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