Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Greddy cats lesson

Greddy Cats lesson

Early in the morning in the local shop one round face cuddly mum wearing her usual blue and red outfit was buying her groceries. Mum thought “this is the last time that cat will eat my food”.

Lurking in the background the solitary figure of a large fluffy barrell like gingery white cat. Who was on the lookout for food. Greddy cat! “ooh mum loves me what's mum going to get me today” thought greddy cat.

Little did he know that mum picked a nasty surprise from lots of tins that were different colours and sizes. Back at home greddy cat, still on the lookout for food thought he’d sniffed out a tasty treat. Peeking out from behind the door, mum watched on. “Oh this is going to be great” mum whispered. All of a sudden Greddy cat found out what his tasty treat was. Greddy cat SCREECHED and HISSED and ran away.

This is the last time I steel mum's food thought Greddy cat. Meanwhile mum chuckled “I just taught that cat a lesson” she said to herself as she     

By Caitlyn

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