Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Chapter Chat week 5

W5 - Chapters 34-42

1. Draw a picture of Eric being controlled by the person controller!

2. Make your own Boxspital for the bracelet and controller.

3. Use the Puppet Pals or a comic app to recreate the fight scene. Try to get all the different moves and characters.

4. WRITING TASK: Make a list of action words to describe the fight scene.

5. MINECRAFT TASK: Create Morris as a Kendo Warrior and Isla as Karabuki!

Twitter Chat Questions
1. Can you please share any tasks that you have completed this week. Try and leave a reply on someone else's creation.

2. What are some embarrassing things that Fred and Ellie's parents have done in the story? Do your parents do any funny or silly things?

They tried to stop the other family from turning on  there christmas tree lights. My parents do not do anything silly. Caitlyn.
3. At one stage it looked like the person controller was going to fly out the window and get run over. Did you think it would happen? What was going through your mind?
Yes I thought it would get ran over. Caitlyn
4. Why didn't the iBabies keep the twin's secret? Are secrets good? Are you good at keeping secrets?
Because morris said he would stand on their ipods. Secrets can be good or bad. I am not good at keeping secrets. Caitlyn
5. Did you enjoy the fight scene? Who did you want to win? How did it make you feel?
Yes. I wanted Ellie and fred to win. It made me feel excited. Caitlyn
6. Is it a good thing that Isla and Morris have their own controller? Why? What do you think they will do with it?
I think it is a bad idea because now they can use it for bad stuff. Caitlyn
7. Give us an example of something nice Ellie and Fred have done in the story? Tell us about a time when you did something nice?
Ellie has let Fred be controlled. I let my sister, jess use my clothes one time. Caitlyn
8. Ellie is a clever and brilliant video gamer. What is something that you are good at?
I am good at gymnastics. Caitlyn
9. Who is your favourite character so far? Why do you like them?

I like Ellie because she is funny. Caitlyn
10. What do you think is going to happen next? What is going to happen in the Football game?
I think the controller is going to run out of power. I think fred is going to fail the football game. Caitlyn

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