Monday, November 7, 2016


W3 - Chapters 18-25

TASKS - Choose from the following

1. Pretend you are a stylist and give the bullies Isla and Morris a makeover. Create a 2.0 Premium Edition of them! (Show the before and after pictures)

2. Create an invitation to Rashid's birthday party.

3. Make a Venn diagram comparing the characters in the story. What is similar and different about the characters?

4. WRITING TASK - Write a set of instructions to go with the controller.

5. MINECRAFT TASK: Create the controller! Try to add as much detail as possible!

1. Share any tasks that you have completed this week.
Leave a reply on someone else's creation.
Is my work ready to be photographed OR
Is my work titled and in my Reading folder ready to be linked to Twitter by THURSDAY AFTERNOON?
2.  How do you think everyone felt to see Fred deal to the bullies? How did you feel?

They felt surprised. I felt surprised too. Caitlyn
3.   Why did Ellie not want to go to Rashid's birthday party? Tell us about something that you didn't want to do.

She didn't want to go because Isla was saying that she was dressing like she was still in year one. I didn't want to go to a birthday party. Caitlyn

4. What did you think of Ellie 2.0 Premium Edition? What would you do if you could change your appearance?

I thought that she looked great. I would Keep my self the way I am. Caitlyn
5.   Why did Janine not realise that Ellie had changed her appearance? What is her addiction? What's something that you are addicted to?
Because she was too busy talking about cash in the attic. Cash in the attic. I am addicted to popcorn. Caitlyn
6.  Fred is the most improved player in the Football team. What is something that you have improved at this year?
I have improved on Gymnastics. Caitlyn

7. Do you think Fred and Ellie are the right people to have the controller? Why?
I think they are the right people to have the controller. caitlyn

8. Fred said he had improved because of talent and handwork. Which do you think is more important? Why?

I think that Handwork is more important because Talent is what you are born with. Catlyn

9. Why was Isla suspicious of the controller? Do you think Isla will figure out what is going on?
Because she saw the controller in Ellies hands. Yes Caitlyn

10.  Are you enjoying the story? What do you think is going to happen next?
I am enjoying the book so far I think that Isla will find out about the controller. Caitlyn

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