Monday, November 7, 2016

Chapter Chat Week 2

W2 - Chapters 10-17

TASKS - Choose from the following

1. Draw or create Fred and Ellie's Person Controller and bracelet!

2. Pretend that you have the 'Person Controller' and make a short movie showing what you would do with it!

3. The family cat is called 'Margaret Scratcher' after the British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Research Margaret Thatcher and find out 5 facts about her. Draw a picture of the cat 'Margaret Scratcher' and surround it in facts about the real Margaret Thatcher.

4. WRITING TASK - Pretend you have a Person Controller and write a story about the things you would do with it!

5. MINECRAFT TASK - Create Eric and Ellie on Minecraft!

Chapter Chat Week 2 questions (you do not need to change font, size or colour)

1. Share any tasks that you have completed this week.
Leave a reply on someone else's creation.
Is my work ready to be photographed OR
Is my work titled and in my Reading folder ready to be linked to Twitter by THURSDAY AFTERNOON?
2.  What did Ellie and Fred think when the package arrived?  

That it is the controller they got off the mystery man.
3.  How did Ellie discover that she was controlling Fred? What would you do with the controller?  

When she was pushing all the buttons on the controller.
I would keep the controller and play tricks on zac my brother.
4. The White's loved Christmas and decorated their house each year. Do you like Christmas? What do you do to celebrate?

Christmas is my favorite time of the year. We give presents and open presents and we eat roast chicken. Caitlyn
5.   Ellie loved playing video games. What did her mother think of this? Do you like playing technological games? What do your parents say?
I like some games online. My parents don’t like me playing games online. I think Ellie's mum does not like her playing video games. Caitlyn
6. How did Fred and Ellie save Margaret Scratcher? How do you think everyone felt about what happened? Why?
Ellie was using the magic controller and was controlling fred to get margaret scratcher down from the roof. I think that Eric and Janine were scared because they were Screaming get down from the roof. caitlyn

7. Why did Ellie and Fred decide not to tell their parents about the controller? Do you think this was a good decision? Would you have told your parents?
Because Janine and Eric could give it away or sell it.
No I think it was bad idea. I would of told my parents.

8. Did Morris and Isla deserve the star for the most well behaved pupils? Why did they get it? Tell us about a time when you got an award.

No they did not deserve it. They got it because there dad was the headmaster of the school.I got a award because I got a gold certificate on Mathletics.    caitlyn

9. How does Ellie control the person wearing the bracelet? What video game would you think of? Why?
She push’s buttons on the controller. I would think of street fighter as well because it is my favourite. caitlyn

10.  The twin bullies were about to pick on Fred and Ellie. What do you think is going to happen next?
I think that ellie is going to control fred to chase them around the school. caitlyn

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