Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Modern Transport

WALT: Create an information report without any help and being able to go back and make it better.
Title: Modern Transport

Macro sentence: Most types of modern transport require a person to operate them, although driver less vehicles are currently being developed and tested. They move people and property within countries.    

Macro sentence:  Lots of modern transport takes people and property to other countries.    

Link sentence:   Boats, cars and Trains are some of the kinds of transport.


Boats are large and smooth. They are usually in the water. They can be lots of different types of colors.


Cars can go very fast. They are usually on the road. They have texture that is smooth.  


Trains huge and very long. They are always on the train tracks. They have texture that is rough.  

Lots of people use modern transport, if we didn’t have modern transport it would be very hard to get to places. All transport need to have a driver although driverless cars are getting developed. Modern transport also can carry people and property within countries and between countries.   

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