Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Animals in the zoo

WALT: Create an information report without any help and being able to go back and make it better.
Title: Animals in the zoo

Macro sentence:There are many animals from all around the world you will find in a zoo.

Macro sentence:  All zoo animals live in different enclosures suited to them, so people can safely see them.

Link sentence:
Lions, Pandas and elephants are some of the animals you will find in a zoo.


Pandas are chubby and large. They love to sit and eat juicy bamboo. They are also very soft and cuddly.


(3 sentences from Description Bubble)
Lions are large, long big cats. They have fur that is very shaggy. They love to sleep in the sun.


(3 sentences from Description Bubble)
Elephants are very round and heavy. They live in their
enclosure. They have skin that is rough and grey. They can weigh up to 6,000 kg.

Conclusion (Re-state the important bits of information about this topic)

Lots of people go to zoos to get a look at all the different animals safely. If we didn't have zoo's people would have to travel a long way to see animals that are in different countries. Lots of animals are not easily accessible to see.          

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