Friday, July 29, 2016

Crazy toaster guide


  1. Don’t put rotten eggs in the toaster.
  2. Don’t put
  3. Do not use as fridge.
  4. Do not
  5. NEVER put toast in the toaster for 20 hours.
  6. Do not put your cat in the toaster.
  7. NEVER set your toaster on fire.
  8. Do not
  9. NEVER put your toaster in the oven.
  10. NEVER

My Mihi

Tena koutou kotoa
Ko paparoa  toku maunga
Ko grey river toku awa
No Hari Hari ahau    a-ho
Kei Atarau toku kainga inaianei.    king-a   in-eye-in-ay
Ko Paparoa Range toku kura        
Ko Gallant toku whanau      far-no
Ko Matt toku matua     mut-u-a
Ko Sally toku whaea   fire
Ko Caitlyn toku ingoa      ing-or
No reira ray-ra tena koutou tena koutou tena tatou katoa.

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In my holidays

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My art portfolio

How much paper

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How to cook pancakes

How to build a robot

Tin Can Robot.

My Purpose for this writing is to explain how to build a tin can robot step by step.

Caitlyn: Things you will need:
  • 4 body rings
  • 1 short leg
  • 1 long leg
  • 2 gripper hands
  • Straw attachments
  • 1 toy motor with gear
  • 1 Body plate
  • 1 Battery casing with cover and wires
  • 2 Moving eyes
  • 2 plastic feet
  • 1 motor/ axle
  • 1 axle with gear
  • 2 bendy straws
  • 2 metal wires
  • 2 eyes base plates
  • Screws
  • 4 bolts and nuts
  • 2 terminal caps
  • Screwdriver
  • Cooking Oil

Step 1: Undo the box very carefully. Then you can decide if you want to do the robot  standing or lying down.
Step 2:First  you get the battery pack and attach it to the body plate and then connect the wires. Step 3: Then get the body rings and slot them into the body plate.Step 4: Next you get the straws and the hands and put the hands into the straws.Then you get the metal wires and the screw and screw in the wire.Next get the eye base plates and attach them to the wire. Then you get the eyes and peel the paper of from the eye. Then stick the eyes onto the base plates. Then put the battery in the battery case and then you are done. That is how you build a Tin Can Robot.


Animal Facts


1. Ostriches have three stomach’s.

2. Ostrich babies are hatched out of an egg the size of a cantaloupe [Rock Melon].


1. Llamas were native to south America. However they gradually migrated to south America from the North America plain around 3 million years ago.

2. Llamas are highly social animals,brought up in family groups,where they
                        care for each other.


1.Sea turtles are one of the Earth’s most ancient creatures.

2.The seven species that can be found today have been around for 110                           million years,since the time of the dinosaurs.


1.Owls have caring parents.

2.Owls have 2-12 eggs

Capuchin Monkey

1.Capuchin Monkeys eat Buds, Seeds, Nuts,Fruit, Bird Eggs, Insects.

2.You will find Capuchin Monkeys near water with Crabs and Shellfish.

My first think board

A job to do

WALA:  Make connections between their prior knowledge and the concrete examples in a text in order to understand abstract ideas in the text

1.Small Animal Vet         
2. Animal Groomer

Image result for dog grooming

Unusual Jobs
What things do Unusual jobs have in common?  

1. Pet Food Tester

2.Golf Ball Diver
Image result for Golf ball divers

Risky Jobs


Zoo Keepers

People choose these jobs because some are to help people and others help  animals

Image result for zookeeper with lion

Flying Jobs


Sky Diving

Image result for sky diving

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

How to bake brownies

How to bake scones

How to bake cupcakes

How to cook French toast


In my class we have been doing Homophones with Mrs bell.

Eight: Eight people stayed for a sleepover.
Meat: I Love that kind of meat.
Peace: At my house it is always peace and quiet.


In my class we have been doing metaphors with Mrs Bell.

Man: The Man is a huge Giant.

Dog: The dog is a small furry teddy bear.

Cheetah: The runner is a speedy cheetah.

Turtle: The girl is a slow turtle.