Thursday, June 9, 2016

Bike Maintenance

Handle bars

How many types of handlebars are there?

Well from the website we were on there were 14 types but we think there are more.

What are the differences between all the 14 handlebars?

What types of bikes have what handlebars?

Road bikes usually have drop handlebars. That is to give the rider different positions.

Drop bars are narrower than fat bars, and don’t offer quite as much detailed control over

the bike on uneven surfaces.       

Butterfly bars are usually found on road bikes. Often used for long distance touring bikes

where comfort through being able to use different riding positions is essential.

When we go to Dobson we go into groups in I am in Bike Maintenance with my friend Jess. In Bike Maintenance we get to bring our bikes and we do work on our bikes.

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