Monday, June 13, 2016

All About Sound Waves

How sound waves work

Have you ever wondered how sound waves travel? Sound wave’s travel at 340 metres per second.
Soundwave’s also travel under water more faster than in the air, our purpose of this writing is to explain about how soundwave’s work.

First there needs to be an explosion this will make smoke and flames expand in the air. This will make the air travel out and up. (how could you and your buddy finish this paragraph - remember a Paragraph needs 4 sentences)

Next there was a ring of sound wave travelling. This is caused by the air moving. The air will travel out in a big wave, because the air is forcing out the explosion. The top of a wave is called a peak and the bottom is called a trofe. (conclusion sentence)

Finally the sound wave will travel past you. After you will feel a vibration and you will hear the sound. The sound will be travelling at 340 km per second. The vibration will feel like a judder in the car.

Now you know how a sound wave works.


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