Wednesday, March 30, 2016

My holiday in Fiji

Instead of going to school camp I went to Fiji for my uncle and aunty's wedding.We were staying for Easter!  When I got on the plane I was so excited! When I got off the plane I had to go through all of the customs and then we went to the hotel we were staying in.The hotel we were staying had a swimming pool and a very big water slide. In the morning we had breakfast and then we got on a bus to the Harbour to catch a boat to get to plantation island when we got off the boat we got a shell necklace each.Then  we went to the main hall and then we went to our house. Soon after that we unpacked then we went to the pool. We went to kids club and made tye dye T- shirts That was fun!At tea time we had a buffae it was yummy! In the morning we had breakfast and then we went to the pool again.When it was the wedding I was a flower girl and I was nervous.I got carried out by the Fijian worriers.It was so much  fun.Then we hired some snorkelling gear and I saw lots of fish.Then we hired some bikes and biked around Fiji.Then it was time to go back to the main island.I was sad.Then we got back on the boat.When we got off the boat we went back on the bus to get back to the hotel.In the morning we had to get up early because we had to catch the plane back to new Zealand.I missed Fiji.When I got back into new Zealand we had to through all the customs then dad drove all the back home.I LOVED it in Fiji.

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