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Greddy cats lesson

Greddy Cats lesson

Early in the morning in the local shop one round face cuddly mum wearing her usual blue and red outfit was buying her groceries. Mum thought “this is the last time that cat will eat my food”.

Lurking in the background the solitary figure of a large fluffy barrell like gingery white cat. Who was on the lookout for food. Greddy cat! “ooh mum loves me what's mum going to get me today” thought greddy cat.

Little did he know that mum picked a nasty surprise from lots of tins that were different colours and sizes. Back at home greddy cat, still on the lookout for food thought he’d sniffed out a tasty treat. Peeking out from behind the door, mum watched on. “Oh this is going to be great” mum whispered. All of a sudden Greddy cat found out what his tasty treat was. Greddy cat SCREECHED and HISSED and ran away.

This is the last time I steel mum's food thought Greddy cat. Meanwhile mum chuckled “I just taught that cat a lesson” she said to herself as she     

By Caitlyn

My Narrative Poutini

In the middle of a stormy night a huge single taniwha named poutini slithered out of the river and headed to the pa. “ I am going to find Waitaki”Poutini thought with a smile.

Sleeping on the hard ground floor in the pa was a beautiful brown haired women named Waitaki. Then Poutini found waitaki sleeping in the pa and fled away with her. Waitaki thought “ I'm never going to see my husband again”.

Tamaahua who was Waitaki  husband woke from his sleep and saw Waitaki was gone. Tamaahua was big and strong man and he was very powerful. Tamaahua was terrified when he saw Waitaki was gone he thought that she was in danger.Then he saw Waitaki’s cloak trailing after her as she disappeared around a corner. Poutini realised that Tamaahua would not stop until he got his hands on Waitaki. So he ran to a river and Poutini turned Waitaki into green stone.
When Tamaahua found out what poutini had done he roared with rage. The trees swished and the river slowed down and the birds stopped tweeting. It was if a shadow was coming over the valley.

Tamaahua found another girl and Poutini lived in a small cottage and every night he would remember that day.  

                 By Caitlyn        

My Robot Writing

O In the early morning as the pinky peachy sun rises, Robo a black and red, smooth, small and round bug was busy taking photos of animals no one had ever seen before.

C Little Did Robo know that the big, pale, ugly &  rough zoo keepers who were very cruel to animals had a plan themselves.  

S of E Before she knew what had happened she was in a net.” I Am sure I’m going  to die” thought Robo bug. But then when the zookeepers were not looking Robo flew out of the net. Robo had to hide so she hid in the grass. The zookeepers were going to their morning tea break.As soon as the zookeepers were gone Robo flew out of her hiding spot. As soon as they were done they would be going to the lions cage. The zookeepers had finished their morning tea break and were going to the lions cage. Roxy the little, yellow, cute lion cub was chucked out of her cage was taken away from her family and she was so terrified.Now the Zookeppers were going to move roxy to anther zoo.

R      Roxy is now at a great zoo,The Zookeepers are in jail and Robo Bug is in New zealand taking photos of great spotted Kiwis.

By Caitlyn   

Word Meanings

Word meanings
  1. a long flat-bottomed boat for carrying freight on canals and rivers, either under its own power or towed by another. (Verb)
  2. dwell on one's own success or another's misfortune with smugness or malignant pleasure.(noun)

  The word                                              What I think it means               The correct meaning

Breathing out
breathe out. verb
Bit of paper
A roll of parchment or paper for writing on. noun
Look after it
provide (a place) with defensive works as protection against attack. verb
Thing to look after cancer
The aggregate of people living together in a more or less ordered community. noun
Something that is like a bee or wasp
a large, fairly docile wasp which is typically red and yellow or red and black and usually nests in hollow trees. noun
Does  it by herself
virtually; almost adverb


W4 - Chapters 26-33

TASKS - Choose from the following

1. Draw a picture of the mystery man. Make sure he's inside the laptop.

2. Research and make a poster about the Chelsea Football Club. Or Create the Chelsea Football scout's business card.

3. Make a Kahoot about the story. Come up with at least 20 questions.

4. Write a procedure for making a bacon sandwich. Make sure you list all the steps in the right order.

5. MINECRAFT TASK: Create the scene where Ellie and Fred break into school on the weekend.

Twitter Chat Questions

1. Can you please share any tasks that you have completed this week. Try and leave a reply on someone else's creation.

2. How do you think Fred felt when he received the business card from the Chelsea football scout? How would you feel?
Fred felt excited. I would of been excited too.
3. Isla and Morris were fashionably late to the party. What does that mean? Do you know anyone who is always late?

Fashionably late and she looked great. My Gran is always late. Caitlyn
4. Why was everyone surprised when they saw Ellie at the party? Who do you think looked better, Ellie or Isla? Why?
Because she was wearing fancy clothes. I think Ellie looked better I loved her dress.Caitlyn
5. Why did Fred not want Ellie to stay as Cinderellie?
Because they were twins and they were meant to look like twins.
6. How did the iBabies help Fred and Ellie? Would you like to be computer geeks like the iBabies? Why?
They told them to sneak into the school. No because I do not like going on the computer. Caitlyn
7. How did Minecraft help the twins break into school on the weekend? Do you like playing Minecraft? Why?
I hate playing minecraft because it is dumb.
8. Why did the mystery man not like questions? How did they get him to answer one last question?
Because he thinks they go on to long. Because it was about the controller. Caitlyn
9. The mystery man said, "The controller only lasts as long as it's needed." What do you think this means?
I think it means that it will go when they do not need it anymore. Caitlyn
10. Do you think the controller is going to run out? What do you think will happen next?
Yes I Think it is going to run out.

Chapter Chat Week 6

W6 - Chapters 43-51

1. Draw a picture of Rashid. Surround your picture with describing words about him.

2. Design the Bracket Wood and Surrounding Area Inter-School Winter Trophy.

3. Write and record a chant for the Bracket Wood School Football team.

4. WRITING TASK: Write 5 questions for one of the characters. Interview the character using the Puppet Pals app.

5. MINECRAFT TASK: Create the Football stadium for the final and put the trophy and Fred in it.

Twitter Chat Questions
1. Can you please share any tasks that you have completed this week. Try and leave a reply on someone else's creation.

2. Fred was playing for the Inter-school winter Football trophy. Does your class or school play for any trophies? Tell us about it. If you don’t, then tell us one that you would like to have at your school.

No my school or class does not play for any trophies. I would like my school to play for a netball trophy. Caitlyn
3. Did Oakcroft School think they were going to beat Bracket Wood in the Football final? What made you think this?
Yes they thought that they were going to win. I thought this because they were very mean. Caitlyn
4. What are the differences between Oakcroft and Bracket Wood schools? Which one do you like best? Why?
Oakcraft has more money and Bracket wood has less money. I like Bracket Wood better, because they are nicer. Caitlyn
5. Why did Ellie cry and why did Fred kick the controller away?
Ellie cried because she didn't know what to do with the controller and Fred kicked it away because he didn't want it anymore. Caitlyn
6. Why were all the Bracket Wood supporters looking at Fred hopefully? What did they want to happen?
Because in the tryout Fred was very good and they wanted Fred to make their team win. Caitlyn
7. How did Rashid save the day? Do you think he liked Ellie?
Yes I think he likes Ellie.  Because he held the controller and then they were paired. Caitlyn
8. At the end Ellie let go of all her cares and she flew. What is the message the story is trying to tell us?
That she is free to do anything she wants to do. Caitlyn
9. Ellie told Rashid that the controller could change your appearance. He said, "Why would anyone want to do that?" What did he mean by this?

I think he meant that he was trying to tell Ellie that she is pretty the way she is. Caitlyn
10. What do you think is going to happen next?
I think that Ellie is going to go on a date with Rashid. Caitlyn

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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Chapter Chat week 5

W5 - Chapters 34-42

1. Draw a picture of Eric being controlled by the person controller!

2. Make your own Boxspital for the bracelet and controller.

3. Use the Puppet Pals or a comic app to recreate the fight scene. Try to get all the different moves and characters.

4. WRITING TASK: Make a list of action words to describe the fight scene.

5. MINECRAFT TASK: Create Morris as a Kendo Warrior and Isla as Karabuki!

Twitter Chat Questions
1. Can you please share any tasks that you have completed this week. Try and leave a reply on someone else's creation.

2. What are some embarrassing things that Fred and Ellie's parents have done in the story? Do your parents do any funny or silly things?

They tried to stop the other family from turning on  there christmas tree lights. My parents do not do anything silly. Caitlyn.
3. At one stage it looked like the person controller was going to fly out the window and get run over. Did you think it would happen? What was going through your mind?
Yes I thought it would get ran over. Caitlyn
4. Why didn't the iBabies keep the twin's secret? Are secrets good? Are you good at keeping secrets?
Because morris said he would stand on their ipods. Secrets can be good or bad. I am not good at keeping secrets. Caitlyn
5. Did you enjoy the fight scene? Who did you want to win? How did it make you feel?
Yes. I wanted Ellie and fred to win. It made me feel excited. Caitlyn
6. Is it a good thing that Isla and Morris have their own controller? Why? What do you think they will do with it?
I think it is a bad idea because now they can use it for bad stuff. Caitlyn
7. Give us an example of something nice Ellie and Fred have done in the story? Tell us about a time when you did something nice?
Ellie has let Fred be controlled. I let my sister, jess use my clothes one time. Caitlyn
8. Ellie is a clever and brilliant video gamer. What is something that you are good at?
I am good at gymnastics. Caitlyn
9. Who is your favourite character so far? Why do you like them?

I like Ellie because she is funny. Caitlyn
10. What do you think is going to happen next? What is going to happen in the Football game?
I think the controller is going to run out of power. I think fred is going to fail the football game. Caitlyn

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Chapter Chat My Diet

Caitlyn's Diet  

What I am allowed to eat!

2 Weatbix With one glass of water.

Ham and cheese sandwich. With one glass of water.

Roast pork with crackle. With one glass of water.

Fruit tray. With one glass of water

At school the year four fives and sixs have been doing chapter chat. I am reading the person controller. This was one of my tasks.

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Animals in the zoo

WALT: Create an information report without any help and being able to go back and make it better.
Title: Animals in the zoo

Macro sentence:There are many animals from all around the world you will find in a zoo.

Macro sentence:  All zoo animals live in different enclosures suited to them, so people can safely see them.

Link sentence:
Lions, Pandas and elephants are some of the animals you will find in a zoo.


Pandas are chubby and large. They love to sit and eat juicy bamboo. They are also very soft and cuddly.


(3 sentences from Description Bubble)
Lions are large, long big cats. They have fur that is very shaggy. They love to sleep in the sun.


(3 sentences from Description Bubble)
Elephants are very round and heavy. They live in their
enclosure. They have skin that is rough and grey. They can weigh up to 6,000 kg.

Conclusion (Re-state the important bits of information about this topic)

Lots of people go to zoos to get a look at all the different animals safely. If we didn't have zoo's people would have to travel a long way to see animals that are in different countries. Lots of animals are not easily accessible to see.