Monday, February 18, 2019

Converting Fractions to Decimals and Percentages

  1. First pick a fraction to convert. 
  2. You need to divide the top number of the fraction by the bottom number of the fraction. These numbers are known by the Numerator and Denominator. 
  3. You will end up with a decimal then you must times that number by 100, then you should end up with your percentage. 

Sunday, January 20, 2019

SLJ, Burning Up...- Week 3, Day 1, Activity 3

For this activity, I had to create a graph, explaining what place had the highest temperature. In the end Dash-e Loot ended up having the highest temperature with 71 degrees!!! I had fun making this graph. 😁

SLJ, The Black Drain- Week 2, Day 5, Activity 2

Tukituki River-

Name of river- Tukituki
Location of river- Hawkes Bay
What is being done to help clean the river?- They want people and their dogs to keep out of the river and they are also setting fencing so they can keep stock from getting into the river.

Wairua River-

Name of river- Wairua
Location of river- Northland
What is being done to help clean the river?- Since rubbish is polluting this river people really want people to dispose of the rubbish correctly which is putting it in a bin or landfill.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

SLJ, Picture Perfect- Week 2, Activity 3, Day 4

Today, My task was to create a story using the picture which is down below. Here is mine. 😁

As I climbed the steps to the place where I had been longing to take a selfie at since the moment I got here in Venice, I was starting to feel a bit nervous from the height and how dangerous this was going to be, but I decided I NEED this selfie. Soon I was starting to feel more and more excited with each step I took. "A couple more steps to go" I said to myself. Once I climbed the last step I scrambled to the very very edge of the platform. Making sure I got my face and the beautiful surrounding I clicked the button, "and... done". Very carefully I got myself out of the risky position I was in and made sure the photo was perfect and then I started to walk back to my B&B.

Image result for risky selfies

Photo by HuffPost

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

SLJ, Mighty Mangroves- Week 2, Day 2, Activity 2

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Photo by
The person I have chosen for this activity is Auggie Pullman from the book Wonder. I think he is mentally strong rather than strong with muscles. I picked him as he was born with a condition called Treacher Collins. Treacher collins is a condition in which some bones and tissues in the face are not developed. I think that August is really brave as he has had to block out the bullies his whole life. 

SLJ, Going, going….gone- Week 1, Activity 3, Day 5

In my opinion I lived in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. New Zealand was made up of three islands. Two main, and one smaller one. The north island was home to the capital city and the biggest city in New Zealand, while in the south island it was bursting with bush and nature. New Zealand had some great bush walks like the Abel Tasman and the Heaphy Track. There were also great places to see like the Pancake rocks at Punakaiki Te Papa museum in Wellington.

SLJ, Fantastic Beasts- Week 1, Activity 1, Day 3

Here is my beast I have drawn. It is called a Spring Devil.